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Political Woman – Ilona Staller (Ciccolina)

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1.think of ur crush

2.make a heart with ur hands 

3.then kiss ur hands while still making the heart

4.then put your heart where your real heart is

5.tomorrow ur cursh will ask u out
6.this will only work if u post this 2 ur fav love song

L♥ve according to Slavoj Žižek

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Michael Hardt talks about L♥ve pt.1

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Sun Ra – Space is the place

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how do you know Im real?
Im not real.
Im just like you.
you dont exist in this society.
if you did, you people wouldn’t be seeking eaqual rights.
you’re not real.
if you were, you would have some status among the nations of the world.
so we’re both myths.
I do not come to you as a reality, I come to you as the myth.
because that’s what black people are, – myths.


party joik

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prty prty prty prty prty prty

P.Ower of A.Merican N.Atives – Dance 2 Trance

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power of native americans – Aids-3D


Wes: Alane

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aurora borealis

Meddle (Baron von Luxxury Technicolor Remix) – Little Boots