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“Totem Teddies was my first exploration with mixed media assemblage as an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. When I first created The Totem Teddies, my goal was to reclaim the dignity and power of the bear–a common totem symbol for numerous indigenous peoples. I felt that Western consumer culture had castrated the power of the bear (as well as other spiritual/natural symbols)–transforming it into a cute cuddly and harmless commodity. I chose to present the teddies as spiritual products that, once purchased by the consumer, demanded constant appeasement and attention in order to ward off bad luck. If the consumer unwittingly offended his or her teddy, a handy spinning oracle (sold separately) could be consulted for suggestions on how to re-harmonize oneself with the offended teddy.”

– John Feodorov


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The Seagull is a totem of Emotional Healing. Seagulls are mostly witnessed either diving into the water or surfacing to float. It is considered that the seagulls connection to water is symbolic for those whom share this totem. Water represents our emotional state, and because the Seagull’s behavior adds to the message, then its actions upon appearance should be noted. If a Seagull dives in front of you, then this can signify deep emotional issues that require healing. If the Seagull bobs upon the waters surface, it is considered a message of peace and the “letting go to let God”. Go more with the flow and trust that you are safe. Seagulls also represent the teachings of fairness and respect and how to create relationships based upon these two important principals.


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(…) At various significant occations, a chief would commission a carver to create a pole that featured his clan’s crest. When the pole was complete, other families were invited to witness it being erected at a ceremony called a potlatch. There was feasting and dancing, and stories were told. The hosts gave away elaborate gifts, often competing with other chiefs to see who could give away the most wealth. It was common for a chief to give away everything he owned at a potlatch, even in some occasions giving away the very clothes he was wearing.

Clearly potlatches weren’t just a celebration of a new piece of art. By attending the installation of a new pole, the other families were giving their assent to its use. Their presence was a way of saying “Yes, we agree that this crest belongs to these people.” As such, the poles and the potlatches played an important role in perserving the identity of each community.

source: Carve your own totempole – Hill, McKee and McMullen


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sketches of the seid

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symbol stones

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