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it’s the same over again

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In the landscape throughout Northern Scandinavia, one can find sieidis, places that have unusual land forms that are different from the surrounding countryside. They are considered a spiritual ‘focal point’ and are worshipped as a gateway to the spirit world. At these sieidis, sacrifices were made, both in animals and in material objects, and it is here that archaeologists have found “Samic metal depots” (due to the large numbers of metal objects) dating back to 800-1300s. These objects are mostly coins from medieval Germany and England, parts from weapons such as arrow-heads, and other minor findings such as antler from reindeer.



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Sieidi er den samiske benevnelsen på en hellig stein. Sieidier kunne fra naturens hånd ha en særegen form. Størrelsen varierer fra blokkstore til mindre stein. Små sieidier kunne for eksempel plasseres oppå større sieidier (offersteiner) eller på andre hellige steder.

Større steinblokk som fra naturens hånd i seg selv er iøynefallende og/eller er plassert på et iøynefallende sted. Enkelte slike steiner kan være utstyrt med skålgroper (eks Engeløya, Steigen) – se også skålgropstein), men vanligvis er de uten menneskeskapte markeringer. På oversiden av noen offersteiner kan en finne innhugd en stor grop, og rundt den en ringformet eller rammeformet fure. I samisk kulturtradisjon kan offersteiner bestå av enkeltstående stein eller av steinblokker som er spaltet i flere deler. Offergavene kunne bestå av horn, kjøtt, fisk, tran, blod, kaffe, smør, mynter o.a. Ofte er det slik at det kun er selve naturformasjonen eller steinen i kombinasjon med muntlig tradisjon og evt stedsnavn som vitner om at det dreier seg om en offerstein.



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Epilogi – Sieidi


sketches of the seid

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pre fab sieidi

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back 2 nature – back away from the nature.

what is authentic, what is essential. what is personal, and how personal? 
and why so personal?
how much is too much. how far is far out.
what is serious? can serious be funny?
can funny be sad? (most certainly, it can)
is it the act or is it the results that is the  goal.
is it mental or physical?
is it a break from everything, a space, to breath?
a state of mind?
or is it more a charge of something?
is it about power or is it about time?

Seidas system and structures

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cairn connectio of rocks

white cap

square altars




megalith 4 aquarium?

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northern megaliths

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Northern megalith “sami seidas” are located in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. On russian they name are seid, on finnish – seita, in Norway – sieidi, in Sweden – flyttblocken. In Russia are known seidas in Keyvi, coast of Barents sea, western Murman, mountains Vottovaara, Kivakka, Nuorunen and other places. This constructions often make systems: circles, line, arch, squares, triangles. The seid complexes consist of 30-1000 stones

types of standing

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